Thursday, June 28, 2012

Memorial Day in Columbus

Memorial Day weekend was a week after we got to Jacksonville. Nate and Telisha (brother and sister-in-law) were living in Columbus but Nate was graduating and they would be moving in just a few weeks so we decided to go visit them!

I LOVE my nieces and nephews! They are SO CUTE and we loved playing with them all weekend. We went to Lowe's for the kid activity day (Did you know they do this? It's awesome!)

We went to the movie theater and watched "the orange movie" as Owen liked to call it (The Lorax). It was actually pretty good.

Spencer dancing to the closing credits :)

We went to the pet store where they would pull out any pet and let you hold and play with them. I have never wanted a puppy so badly. And I'm allergic.

There was wrestling

And lots and lots of playing with water in the backyard.

Miss Sassy Pants

Tanner "watering" my feet

Spencer almost instantly became everyone's best friend. Sid was in love, Owen had a best bud, but at least Tanner still wanted to hang out with me.

It was an amazingly fun weekend, and I'm so sad that I won't see them again until after we get back from China :(  But it was a great way to spend the holiday weekend. Thanks Nate and T!


  1. How fun! Oh and I love T's baby bump! haha Loving the updates on you guys!

  2. My favorite pics are spencer and owen building and miss sassy pants! Thanks for posting these. I need to figure out how to get the ones I took in Columbus up :/