Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Holiday Recap

I have been extremely lazy and extremely spoiled the last few weeks. Spencer has pretty been home all day every day since Christmas, so please pardon my break from the blog.

Just wanted to tell everyone about our awesome Christmas, more than just our brief Christmas greeting at least.

First of all, I LOVE Christmas. Every year I have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start listening to music. But not because Thanksgiving needs its moment in the sun, oh no, it's because once I start listening to Christmas music I don't listen to anything else. It becomes nonstop Christmas bells and carols. This year I cheated and started the day after Halloween instead, but hey, I'm in China and I can do what I want.

But back to Christmas. I love the lights. I love the tree. I love the decorations. I love candles and presents and caroling.

And I love pretending like we have a fireplace...

The Saturday before Christmas our church branch had a Christmas dinner, complete with ham, potatoes, and some AMAZING desserts. Honestly, I ate more dessert than real food that day. While usually I would feel totally disgusted with myself for that, I make no apologies to myself or anyone else because it was GOOD and it was Christmas. And what church Christmas gathering would be complete without a nativity?

P.S. This is what Chinese people think Christmas trees should look like:

Haha, love it.

Anyways, Christmas Eve we got together with the other Flagship couples and did a gift exchange, played games, and sang carols. Did I mention I love singing carols? Caroling is a huge tradition in my family, and I bawled like a baby when we sang the "Packard traditional" carols. I loved having our "Flagship family" together, and I'm so grateful for the friendships that we have formed here so we can be family to each other.

After everyone left that night, Spencer and I pulled our mattress into the front room for a "sleepover". I really wanted to sleep in the glow of the Christmas tree and Spencer loves me enough to indulge me. It was so much fun to fall asleep next to the presents and feel the giddy excitement that always comes with Christmas Eve.

OOOOlala ;)

Christmas morning I woke up just before 7 and started poking Spencer. My dad would have been proud, as I whisper-yelled "Spencer, SPENCER! Wake up! Santa came!". I love opening presents, and I loved watching Spencer open his. It was a wonderful moment to see the thoughtfulness that went into each gift, to know how much he loves and knows me and for him to know how much I love and know him. It was perfect.

After opening gifts we took our Christmas morning picture by the tree, which you saw in the last post. But it took some work to set up the camera, so here are some fun shots of Spencer waiting...

Good morning darling

Our friends came over for a big Christmas breakfast of pancakes, bacon, hashbrowns, and eggs, and then they headed off to the hospital to have a baby!

Last family picture before the new baby!

Goodbye kisses

We watched their little girl for the next few days until the baby was born, so we spent the rest of Christmas day playing with dolls and balls, reading books, and taking walks around in the hallway.

I melt.

And the next morning, it even snowed! A (day after) Christmas miracle!

We hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and that you are all enjoying the new year!

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