Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We have been CRAZY busy for the last month. With holiday travels and recovering from holiday travels and school and work and's been exhausting. But it's good to be busy.

So after a week of trying to just relax and rejuvinate, I think I am finally ready to tackle the blog again. A daunting task, as our European travels left me with almost TWO THOUSAND pictures to go through. Oy vey.

But first, updates! Spencer is now in his FINAL semester at BYU!!! He will graduate in April (alongside his sister Brigette) in both Chemical Engineering and Chinese and I am so proud of him. It's been a long road for him but he has totally rocked it and we can't believe it's almost over. This last semester isn't too much work, so he gets to enjoy his last few months as a student, and we're taking advantage of the time we have here with all of his siblings. He's even taking a racquetball class with his youngest sister Krystal.

Spencer and I are both working, Spencer on campus as a research assistant (the same job he's had while in school since he was a freshman) and I'm still at Kneaders working as a prep cook. Honestly? Don't love my job, but it's a good job and it keeps me busy and active (and I'm enjoying a few secrets and recipes that I've learned from my time there).
A week after graduation we are excited to celebrate Brigette's wedding! We're so happy for her and we LOVE seeing her so happy. I've become a pseudo wedding planner, since her semester is NUTS, and it's been an interesting experience so far. I have realized that I didn't actually plan pretty much any of my own wedding, so it's eye-opening to realize how much it takes to put a reception together. (Thank you Mom for making ours happen! I love you!)

After the wedding Spencer and I are hoping to take a quick trip somewhere fun, and then we'll be heading to Jacksonville, IL where Spencer will start working full-time for Celanese. The tentative start date is the first week of June, but I can't think about it too much because I start to get anxious every time I do. I can't believe we are going to be real adults with real jobs and move some for a few YEARS! In our two years of marriage we have moved 6 times, just a few months at each location, so it will be really strange to settle somewhere for more than just a summer or a semester. But we are very excited about our future possibilities!

Now you're all caught up on our lives. Questions? Just ask. And hopefully over the next few days I'll post about our European adventure.

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