Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Playing House

It still feels kind of funny sometimes to be living and working and acting like adults. A lot of the time we feel like we're just big kids pretending to be adults.

But life is good. And life is happy. And we are loving this grown-up part of our lives.

One night there was a HUGE storm and we woke up to this...

Luckily, no damage. Whew!

But we did find out that our basement leaks. Freaked us out,
but turns out ALL basements leak around here.

Grierson Days, a Civil War reenactment they do here
every year

Manly man doing manly things.

We got a piano! Finally. And it was free!

Nauvoo, IL. Because we can.

And for your viewing pleasure, my single FAVORITE thing about living in the Midwest. Keep in mind that you can only see about 1/10th of what we could see without the camera.


  1. I got to see some fire flies when I was in WV in July. I wish we had them here.