Thursday, August 2, 2012

Can I Have One?

So remember how I said our ward is so awesome? So our Bishop and his wife have this awesome cabin about an hour from Jacksonville and they offered to let us use it for a weekend. Um, YES!

Their place is awesome. It sits right on the bank of the lake and it is BEAUTIFUL.

 The first night we decided to take the paddle boat up and down the lake. We were the first one's to use the boat this year so it took some work cleaning it off and getting it down to the water, but we finally "shoved off".

Oh man, everyone should get a chance to sit out in the middle of a lake at sunset. It was so beautiful, so serene. I love being outside and feeling that reconnection to nature and life. It is always such a blessing to feel that peace, like Heavenly Father is gently reminding me how much he loves me with the beauty that I'm surrounded by.

My "artistic" shots.

I love this man, he makes me so incredibly happy and I loved being there with him.

The next day was actually kind of overcast, so we spent the the day switching off between playing games, eating food, and playing in the water. And Spencer mowed the lawn, we told the Drakes we would as payment for letting us stay.

We decided to go fishing before we left for home. The lake was brimming and we had seen fish jumping out of the water like crazy all day. We both snagged several fish, but I was the only one who actually pulled anything out of the water.

Nasty looking thing, huh? We guessed it was a gar, and after getting home and looking it up I think we were right. It actually broke my line and flopped back into the water when I tried to hold it up for a picture (we were planning on throwing it back anyways) but it was very exciting. We're guessing he was about 18-20 inches long. And there was definitely a loud embarrassing shriek when I realized that I had him.

Bye Fishie

It was an AMAZING weekend and we loved the chance to "get away". THANK YOU DRAKES!

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  1. Love the pictures! It looks like you guys had a fun time!I can't believe you are going to China! Good luck Alisha!