Thursday, April 11, 2013


So our internet has been ridiculously slow and spotty for the last week (which is driving me crazy!) so hopefully I'll actually be able to post this...

I've always loved Easter. It's not like my love for Christmas (which knows no bounds) but I love the time of year, I love the feeling of rebirth and new life, I love the warm weather creeping in, and I love having another opportunity to reflect on the life of my Savior.

Easter came at the perfect time of year in Nanjing. Some locals say that spring is the best time of year here, but it is very short. Other locals say that Nanjing goes from winter to summer, no spring in between. And I'm beginning to see that they might be right. However, the weekend of Easter was warm and beautiful, and how better to take advantage of such gorgeous weather than to have a picnic!

Spring has sprung in Nanjing!

We went to an AMAZING park and put together an egg hunt for the kids in our branch and then the guys and some of the more adventurous girls had a "Bunny Bowl" (like a Turkey Bowl).

The hunt is on.

Beautiful day for a picnic!

My man, the quarterback

Took a few shots of this beautiful girl
 A perfect day to be outside. And the next day we celebrated a perfect Easter.

"He is not here, for he is risen" Matthew 28:6

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  1. It looks beautiful!! Also, glad things are working out with the move and all:)