Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Two weeks ago was district conference for our church (where all the members from the greater area meet together) which meant a trip to Shanghai for us. District conference included a leadership meeting and adult session on Saturday and then the Priesthood (males from age 12 and up) session and general session on Sunday. Spencer and I decided to go up on Friday night instead of Saturday morning so we could use the extra time to sightsee instead of spending all morning on the train. Our awesome friends Erick and Anneke (another Flagship couple) are doing their internship there so we were even lucky enough to have a place to stay for free!

So because I'm feeling lazy, here is our weekend in pictures. I didn't take very many while we were walking around Shanghai, but it was such a beautiful day and I just wanted to enjoy it.

Blueberry pancakes...so so good

Waffles! this was after I had already eaten half my plate

Stole this picture from Anneke...what a full combo looked like

I love Mr. Pancake House!

Awesome temple

Spring has come!

Dali in China- I love statues

Why hello Cameron Diaz
The conference center

After months of
anticipation...craving satisfied

Hershey World!

Cookies N Creme bars were 4 for 10 kuai...it was a great day

In chocolate heaven

It was a super fun weekend full of great food, awesome friends, and a wonderful conference full of inspiration and edification. I can't wait to go again in a few weeks!

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