Sunday, September 1, 2013

Before I Forget...

So once upon a time (long, long ago) when Spencer and Alisha were still single they met a wild and crazy girl from the faraway land of The South named Azie. Spencer and Alisha immediately befriended Azie and loved to be around her. They had many adventures together and grew very close. When Spencer and Alisha FINALLY decided to be wed, Azie was one of the very first to know, and she was one of the very most excited for them. Spencer and Alisha asked Azie to be the "Best Person" at their wedding, for Spencer wanted her to fill the position of best man and Alisha wanted her to be her maid of honor and they could not decide who should be able to claim her.

Ok, enough of the fairytale. Azie is one of our very best friends, if you couldn't tell. She is a hoot and a holler (just something I imagine Azie might say) and we love her dearly. A few weeks ago she was in Georgia visiting her family and she invited us to come spend a couple of days with them. We were hesitant to intrude, but we haven't seen her since we got married so off to Dillard we went. We had a blast and we loved seeing her and her husband Kyle and getting to know her family. Everyone was so welcoming and we felt right at home. We went swimming, played games, went to a petting zoo, sat around the fire and made s'mores, played with her niece and nephews, saw goats on the roof (Random, right? Check it out here), and played lots and lots of horseshoes.

Miss Sassy Pants

Love him.

It was a really awesome weekend, and I'm so glad we got to spend some time with Azie and Kyle. We love you Azie Kay, the A-Team will live on forever!

Definitely in the South...

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