Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bleed Blue

So a few weeks ago BYU played Texas, and there was a 2 hour rain delay. Which we sat through. It poured. And we got soaked. Like, you-literally-look-like-you-just-jumped-into-a-pool kind of soaked. But it was awesome, and Spencer ran home and got clean clothes and smuggled in hot chocolate for me, and then the game ended up being really exciting. So it was all worth it.

A few weeks later, after years of wanting to, I finally went to my first BYU vs. Utah football game!

And it really wasn't a very good game.

But it was fun anyways!

Please enjoy the following montage of pictures/videos, for the only words I could use would express too vividly my disappointment in the outcome of the game...

Just a SMALL portion of the line that
wrapped around the entire stadium...

...And then crossed and wound down the street.

Krystal was so excited for her first BYU game!

I told him to make his most excited face. This is what he
came up with. My husband, people.

We were right next to this girl in line...

...And she ended up on the big screen!

Making good use of the 2 hours
of waiting

This is my family....

Cool shot I found online. We were there!

                                            The beloved fight song. Or, the end of it at least.    

Kickoff. WooooooOAH!

Final score Utah 20 BYU 13. 

Well, at least it didn't rain on us!

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