Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Great Flagship Murder Mystery Party of 2013

We love our Flagship group. No matter how difficult or frustrating being in that program was, we wouldn't trade it for anything because it helped us make the BEST group of friends. We still get together every few weeks, and we will be so very sad when we move and can't see them as often.

So when one of the wives suggested we have a murder mystery dinner, we all jumped at the chance! Costumes, dinner, and drama - how could we resist!

My awesome headband that I
made MYSELF, and am totally proud of.

It was an AMAZING party full of laughter, bad accents, hilarious acting, and a few murders. Duh, duh DUH!

Rebecca Ravioli and "Toto" Tequila

Don and Meme Wannabe

Carrie Crooner-Ravioli and Al Capone

Donna Wannabe and Don "Big Jim" Ravioli

Vicky Ravioli and U.S. Congressman Darrin Toosteal

The group...

I had so much fun (and I may or may not have murdered Spencer), and I even won the award of "Best Female Actress".   WE LOVE OUR FLAGSHIP FAMILY!!!

Can YOU figure out who the murderer is?

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