Saturday, February 8, 2014

So this one time we went to Europe...

So Spencer's family is on the brink of some really big changes. His parents are figuring out when/where they will retire, we're graduating and moving to Illinois, Brigette is getting married and has been offered a job (probably in California, JEALOUS!), Bryonna is planning on doing a study abroad/internship in Germany, and Krystal just got her MISSION CALL to ARGENTINA! So in less than 3 months, we will be all over the place. So for Christmas this year the parents really wanted everyone to be together before we scatter to the four corners of the earth. And gather we did!

We weren't even sure if we'd be able to make it. The Salt Lake airport had been closed 3 times that week because of ice and snow, including the night before we left. We knew people who had been trying to fly in and out for DAYS, but were stuck where they were. But we got lucky (phew!) and after just a small delay we were off. After 24 hours, 2 layovers, and very little sleep we finally flew into Frankfurt, Germany on a Sunday morning. First we went to church (which I may or may not have slept through), then spent the afternoon playing games and settling in. Krystal had missed a connecting flight because her flight out of Salt Lake was delayed for multiple hours, but she also eventually made it. It was so fun to be all together, laughing and playing. It's a very different dynamic, with all of us being adults, but we loved being there.

And thus our adventure had begun!

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