Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Let it Begin

Ok, so maybe I was a little over-enthusiastic earlier about being ready to tackle blogging about our trip. Life has been crazy around here, and every time I thought about sorting through all the pictures I started to feel very tired.

But never fear, I promised a tale from across the pond, and I always deliver. So let us begin...

So our first full day in Germany was one of our only full days in Germany. One of the biggest Christmas traditions there is the weihnachtmarkt, or Christmas market. Tons of booths, lots of yummy food, and really cool trinkets and crafted items that I've never seen before. So our first stop was in Koln (also known as Cologne), which is one of the most popular markets in Germany. The market was nestled right up to the base of the amazing cathedral, which was a beautiful backdrop for the festivities. We explored the cathedral first (my first cathedral!) and then ventured into the market.

Brigette took a stained glass class
over the summer, so she was geeking
out just a little....

My first real Bratwurst, delicious!


Some sort of potato fritter, I can't remember the name

After we'd explored to our heart's content, we drove on to Bonn, the birthplace of Beethoven! They have a big statue of him and everything. We weren't there as long, but it was beautiful.

So pretty!

More brats

GIANT chocolate covered strawberries.

My love :)

Spencer bought me my own
weihnachtmarkt mug, by himself,
 in German!


  1. yeah, a post! Looks like a blast. And so pretty...

  2. I'm extremely jealous of you.