Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Taipei Trippin'

Ok, sorry for the hiatus, but I've been out of town with no internet access for the last little while. So I'm going to pound out the last three days of our trip today, and hope that no one realizes that this trip ended almost two months ago...

So after leaving Nanjing we spent the night in Shanghai and first thing in the morning we caught the Maglev, the fastest commercial train in the world, to the airport.

Not even as fast as it goes...

I tried to do as many things as I could think of so I could say I did them on the fastest train in the world ie: mini dance party, jumping jacks, kissing, ect.


And then we were off to Taiwan!

Our flight was delayed a few hours, but we were going on the same flight as some of our Flagship friends, so we made the most of our time in the airport until we finally took off.

When we got to Taipei, we picked up our rental van and rushed to the temple.

Sleeping, every time we sat down.

Bah, I melt inside.

Because the temple workers are so kind they waited for us and we barely made it into our scheduled session, phew. I loved being in the temple again. It is such a wonderful place of peace, and I had dearly missed it.

After coming out of the temple we walked around the grounds for a while and took pictures before we took our stuff up to our rooms at the temple patron housing across the street.

Chatting up the missionaries.

We ended the day with dinner with May, a woman that Spencer taught and baptized on him mission, and her sister. After just one bite Spencer's family all agreed that Taiwanese food is much tastier than Chinese food.

Our day in Taipei was simple, but fantastic. And it was only the beginning.

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