Friday, July 19, 2013

So How Was the Food?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions about China since we returned to the States. So I thought instead of telling you I would just show you, hopefully in mostly chronological order. We LOVE our food, and we ate lots of it. And Spencer's mom took a picture of almost every dish we ate, so enjoy.

Peking duck. Favorite.


Potato and green onion

Fried rice and sweet and sour chicken
(We tried to have these 2 every meal and then
mixed in some "scarier" dishes)

Kungpao chicken

More breakfast

Krystal's favorite! Brought all the
way from Utah.


Homemade sweet and sour and
marinated cucumbers for Mother's day

Outdoor kitchen in Beijing

Local Beijing dish, recommended by the cook.

We weren't really sure what it was...

Kungpao chicken

Tomato and eggs

Mushu pork

Something beef.

A whole chicken, or possibly pheasant.

Chicken foot!

Shaved bamboo


Mango shake. Tasted more like vanilla.

Bacon mac n cheese


Curry pizza

The BEST orange juice I have ever tasted.

Apple crepe

Omelet and baguette

Stuffed crepe

Bamboo rice.

Sugar cane

Krystal's birthday meal.

Taiwanese yummy!

Pork buns

Mango ice

Meat meat meat meat meat meatmeatmeatmeat...

Octopus salad

P.S. PLEASE don't ask me what things are called. I can tell you what everything is, but I don't know the Chinese name for anything. Lo siento.


  1. Some of that stuff looks a little scary.Did you seriously eat a chicken foot?