Friday, September 7, 2012

Xuanwu Lake

Our awesome Relief Society (church women's organization) president invited us Flagship girls over for some pizza and treats at her apartment last week. First of all? PIZZA. Oh my heaven. I am already getting sick of Chinese food, so pizza was the perfect choice. Second? She has an oven. An OVEN! No one has an oven in China. So there were brownies. I die. Thank you Becca!

After we had all sufficiently stuffed our faces and gabbed for a while we decided to talk a walk around Xuanwu Lake, just a few blocks from Becca's house. The lake is beautiful and there is an island in the middle of it that you can get to and walk around, so we did.

Entrance to the park

It was fun to just be outside and have something to do and people to talk to. And I loved the beautiful gardens and just the scenery and experience in general.

I've seen these in floral arrangements before but now I know
where they come from! And the Chinese eat the pods that
grow inside those holes. In case you were wondering, they
don't taste very good.

Rainy always has her fan.


The Chinese write their wishes and prayers on these red
ribbons and tie them on the trees?

Cool little souvenir booth

Lovely ladies

I love these

Beautiful statues

Our stalker. He followed us around and
took pictures of us.



They migrated around the pond. So weird.

It was a beautiful day. We laughed, we sweated, we walked, we talked. Thank you girls for a great day!

P.S. Try catching a taxi in China in the pouring rain. Especially if you are a foreigner. Just try it sometime. I guarantee the locals will all enjoy it :)


  1. I am a bit jealous. I think I might have mentioned that before :) Love the pictures, love the commentary. Keep it coming. We love and miss you both tons!!!

  2. Pretty sure if I went to China I would probably starve to death. I honestly don't like Chinese food. I would rather eat anything but. I'm glad that you got some pizza :)