Saturday, September 1, 2012


So, we're in China! We have officially been here for one week and we are finally starting to feel almost sorta settled in.

First thought, it takes a long time to get to China. I think I travel pretty well, but getting to a hotel at 2:30 in the morning after over 32 hours of traveling is pushing it. But we were able to get to every flight with plenty of time, all of our luggage made it all the way through, and almost every flight left on time (the only exception being, of course, the final leg from Beijing to Nanjing, hence the 2:30 arrival). It really was a fairly easy trip, all things considering. But long. So, so long.

Second thought, I am so glad that we lived in Illinois this summer. It is hot and humid here and if I had come straight here from Utah I would have thought I was dying. Because of my experience with weather this summer though, I really don't mind the humidity here and it really doesn't phase me too much. So thank you Jacksonville, you prepared me well :)

Third, China smells funny. I don't know what it is, or where it comes from, it just smells weird all the time. I'm guessing part pollution, part smelly people (they don't believe in deoderant), and part weird food. But it just smells weird. And honestly, sometimes kind of gross. But I'm starting to get used to it.

Fourth, my feet are wimps. We walk everywhere here, and my feet are KILLING me. Hello, my name is Alisha, and I am a pansy American who loves her car and the fact that it takes her places so she doesn't have to walk everywhere. Dear Kia, I miss you and I can't wait to be reunited with you again!

Fifth, I am not loving the cash-based society. It is so nice to be able to swipe a card and walk away with your groceries. The end.

And sixth, you think taxi drivers in New York are bad? Come to China. But keep your eyes closed or you might just pee your pants.

So those are my initial thoughts and observations on China. There will be more to come, I'm sure.

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  1. Oh dear! Alisha you are such a trooper! I can't imagine being ripped from all I know for a YEAR! Well thank heaven that we love the men in our lives and would follow them anywhere, right? You are so brave. Tell Spencer to keep you safe and away from taxi drivers...if they are anything like the few in New York I dealt with just ummmmmmmmmm...take Spencer with you ALWAYS!!!! Love you both. You are in our prayers!