Monday, October 8, 2012

Family Pictures

Last week Spencer had the entire week off of school for a national holiday, so we tried to find something to do outside of the apartment every day. We went to the Confucius temple and bought a few cool souvenirs, we went to the zoo, and one of the days we went to the park and took family pictures with some of the other couples. It made for a really fun afternoon, and we got some new pictures out of it. These were the first pictures we've taken since we got married, and I love them!


That tower? We live there. 54 floors.

Candid moment


  1. I hope you are loving China, what a rare experience for you both. And a time to rely even more on each other being so far away and no family around. It cements your marriage even more, dont you think? We still hope that these new experiences wont change your mind about coming back to small town Jville USA!! We miss you. Lynda

  2. Is it just me or do you look absolutely amazing? China does you good girl! :)