Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Last week's field trip was kind of...meh. We went to the old Presidential "palace" and to a Buddhist temple. It might have been more interesting if we weren't out for over 5 hours when we could have seen it all in 3. The best part of it all was playing with the kids of the other Flagship couples. So instead of describing it all, here is the day in pictures.
Pretty lake in the middle. 
My favorite place of the complex.

Most rocks like this in Chinese gardens are fake, but these
were actually pulled up from the bottom of a lake.

They gave us an hour to look around.
We sat around and talked for an hour.

People always want to take pictures with white people,
especially if they have a baby

The babies always become more popular
than the attraction that they paid to see.

Spencer always carries water bottles in his side pockets.
Little Miss likes to take them out and put them back in.

Told you so...

At the we were leaving.
Buddhist temple.

I heart him.
Our newest Flagship baby!
( I took a lot of pictures of the kids but I won't put them all up.
Just know that's how we spent most of our time.)

Prayer candles

Americans aren't the only ones who believe in wishes.

I'm in love with Chinese door handles.

Beautiful ceiling

Traditional buildings all have these awesome shingle ends.
So many buddhas! They had walls like these all
over the temple.

 Not our favorite field trip thus far, but hey, at least I got to hang out with some cute little kids!

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