Monday, October 1, 2012


We got a toaster oven last week. And all we had used it for was to make toast. So when we were asked to bring something sweet to our weekly Sunday Flagship dinner, I thought I would try it out for reals.

Ok, yes, I tasted it, I admit it. But I had to make
sure it wasn't burnt, right?

Oh my beautiful heaven. They turned out great, I didn't burn them (I was worried), and they were gone in a flash. And I am VERY excited to explore the extra options I now have.

Oh, and I found Mac N Cheese at the foreign goods store for half off the regular price. Craving satisfied.

Yes, it has ketchup on it. Get over it.


  1. the brownies look great, the mac and cheese however looks pretty gross :) hehe love you guys! glad to see you're not starving!

  2. I'm judging you for putting ketchup on that mac and cheese.