Saturday, October 13, 2012

Field Trip Numero Dos

Today was our second field trip to historical Nanjing sites. First we went to Chao Tian Gong, a Daoist school turned museum, which was partially used to educate people as to how to behave before they went before the emperor. Because apparently if you did not show appreciation correctly or show proper obeisance then you were executed. Immediately. Sheesh.

Ming vase- worth over 20 million. NBD.

I just thought these were cool. I have a thing for cups.

Then we went to the Nanjing city wall. It's big. Like, the longest city wall in China. It took over 200,000 families 21 years to build it. They had to make all the bricks, and the bricks were marked so that the government would know who made what brick. And if your family made a bad brick? They killed the entire family. Immediately. Double sheesh.

Right near the wall there is this little archery range. I don't know why. I guess because there were archers on the wall? I think just because foreigners will pay to shoot a bow and arrow. Anyways, it worked on our group. We had our own little group of Merry Men. Ok, no, not really. But one guy did shoot a bulls-eye and got two extra arrows. But mostly it was just fun to watch people try, and generally fail miserably :).

My own Robin Hood. Mmm, look at that form. Anyways...


  1. I recall you being pretty good with a bow and arrow...

    1. I used to be, but we only had enough money for one of us, so I let Spencer do it. It was fun to watch though :)