Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Adventure Begins

Spencer and I have finally started our grand adventures! After four months of marriage we decided that life wasn't exciting enough so we decided a few once-in-a-lifetime opportunities should be taken! This blog will be my journal, a documentation of our journeys to strange and foreign (and sometimes not so foreign, but still very strange) lands.
A little background about us. Spencer grew up in a military family and lived in eight different states before he moved to college. I grew up in San Diego and almost quite literally lived in the exact same house until I went to college. Spencer is the oldest of four, I'm the fourth of eight. Spencer loves college sports, just about every cracker ever invented, and NCIS. I love food (making food, eating food, reading about food), photography, and bonfires. Together we love cuddling during movies, playing sports and card games, and bowling.

Spencer and I met in the fall of 2009. Spencer's younger sister Brigette was my roommate so he moved into our apartment complex when he got home from his mission to Taiwan. We didn't actually get to know each other until the summer of 2010 when Brigette left for the summer and I decided I needed to expand my friend pool. Spencer and I were soon hanging out nearly day together, but still in a very casual way. In May Spencer came down to San Diego with me and some other friends for Memorial Day weekend and it was just about the most fun weekend that any of us had ever had. Apparently it was that weekend (unbeknownst to me) that Spencer realized that maybe he wanted to be more than just friends. After our trip we spent almost all of our free time together, I still being totally oblivious to any change, but a few weeks later, the night before Spencer left for a 3 week trip to Europe, Spencer told me that he intended to start dating me when he got back. And then he left. Which infuriated me. But, in retrospect, gave me time to get used to the idea (I was a VERY slow mover when it came to dating). We dated for several months, then I broke up with him just before Thanksgiving. Why? I didn't really know at the time, I just knew something wasn't working and I had to do something about it. The thing was, we still saw each other all the time and we talked all the time and we did things together all the time. It was miserable, but we just couldn't get rid of each other. Spencer even asked me to marry him at one point during all this, no joke. We were miserable but didn't know what to do about it. Finally, in April, I realized that the longer I wasn't with Spencer, the more I wanted to be. We started dating again and then very suddenly decided that we needed to get married. At least I thought it was sudden, Spencer had been waiting for almost a year for me to come to that decision. So Spencer proposed on the beach just after sunset in San Diego. I laughed. A good laugh, but I laughed. And in December we were blissfully married. And that is us.

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  1. I love that you have a blog now!! I will stalk you and your world travels :) That pretty much was the best weekend ever!!