Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Final Excursion

Our last trip. Sigh.

But it was awesome. Gaziantep. First, we went to the mosaic museum.

Um, this is one of the coolest places ever. The mosaics here are huge and beautiful. And it's amazing how complete they are, especially in comparison to the museum in Antioch.

This is the Gypsy Girl. She is gorgeous. And in comparison to most other mosaics she is very detailed, complex, and ridiculously lifelike. Oh, and her eyes follow you wherever you go. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her...

After the museum was, of course, food! I even tried something new. Cacik, yogurt with cucumbers and mint (or was it dill?). Either way, it was yummy, and helped cool my tongue while I chomped on yummy, spicy Turkish food.

But the real reason most people go to Gaziantep? SHOPPING! There is a great market there, and it was fascinating to see what they had.

Their biggest thing? Metal work. It was everywhere, and it was beautiful.

We got a few things for ourselves,

Spencer's new Aladdin lamp. And that's Ahmet, our bus driver
and awesome bargainer.

And a bunch of gifts to bring back. And actually, a lot of what we bought there will go to China. In Chinese culture you give a LOT of gifts, and we thought that cool stuff from Turkey would make great presents.

And as we left we picked up some baklava. Gaziantep is famous for it, so we couldn't pass it up, right? YUMMY.

Adios Gaziantep, it was real.

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