Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hail from Tarsus

Sorry it's been a while, we haven't had internet access for a little while. But we are now settled into our new apartment in Illinois (more on that later) and I can catch up with our last few adventures in Turkey!

One of our last excursions was to Tarsus, but first we stopped by the Women's Market in Adana. Probably one of my favorite things we did in Turkey. It's a bunch of women, gathered under one pavilion, selling what they do. There was food and jewelry and tablecloths. Hair pieces and wooden carvings. Women sitting around crocheting the very blankets that they were selling. Awesome.

I got this hair piece from the market. Ok, it's not handmade, but it is cool and I love it. So sue me.

After the market we headed to Tarsus. First of all, MAJOR props to Spencer's mom for driving us there. Turkish people are NUTS drivers. It's like there are no rules. So she had never driven much outside of around the base where they are stationed. But she dominated, I was seriously super proud.

Honestly? There really isn't much to Tarsus. They did actually find what used to be the main road that ran through Tarsus in the days of Paul, Caesar, Cleopatra, Mark Antony, and Cicero. Funny story, they actually found in on accident when they started digging the base of what was going to be a new building.

There is a well, that is actually dated from the time of Paul, that's cool.

There is Cleopatra's Gate, an actual standing remnant of the city's wall. Supposedly it was just outside of this gate that Cleopatra and Mark Antony first met.

Then you have Saint Paul's church. Sigh. Just read the sign.

Ridiculous, right? This church was built in the last quarter of the 18th century! Um, Paul was here when? Oh wait, he wasn't. So why is this church a tourist site and charge money for entry? Because it's the only church that has Paul's name on it. Oy vey Turkey, that's stretching it. But we went. Note to future visitors? Don't go to Saint Paul's Church.

But our last stop was my favorite. Not because it was a perfect end to a ridiculously hot, sticky day. Not because I got to sit and rest my feet. But because it was BEAUTIFUL!

Ok, and because it was COLD and felt so good. The Berdan River and Waterfall. Story goes that Alexander the Great bathed here, then shortly developed pneumonia and died. Sad. But I believe it. This water almost hurt to step into. But it was just what I needed.


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  1. I am loving your blog. Please keep posting :) I miss your face!!