Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mommies are Awesome

We were in Beijing for Mother's Day this year, and it was fun to be with Spencer's family for the holiday for the second year in a row. Last year we were in Turkey so we decided to try the other side of Asia this year :)

It was a low-key, fun day to spend together. And we got together with our Flagship friends for dinner that night, a delicious meal of sweet and sour chicken. Unfortunately Spencer had to take a language proficiency test for the Flagship program that afternoon, but it was short and he was back with us in no time.

Spencer thought it would be funny to throw a wad of cash in the air.
And then he had to use Brigette as a stool to retrieve said cash from the light fixture.

Look alike much?

Best Mother's Day gift ever, an ipad!

Brigette brought Krystal's favorite from the States.

So Chinese...

Dinner with friends!

I missed my mommy that day, but I am so glad I could be with friends and family to make up for it. Happy Mommy's Day!

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  1. Definitely jealous of the wall experience! Can't wait to see u son. Looks like u survived your year in china with flying colors!