Monday, June 24, 2013

Now Entering the Forbidden City

Our last day in Beijing was all sorts of interesting and fun. We were already exhausted from early mornings, long days, and late nights but we charged ahead with what may have been our longest day of the trip.

It turns out that the Forbidden City closes at noon on Mondays so we had to be sure to get there right when it opened so we didn't miss out on anything. Honestly, I think my favorite thing about the Forbidden City was just being together and taking funny pictures. But I had seen a lot of Chinese architecture at that point, and after a while it all starts to look the same.

I may or may not have puked on the metro tracks just a few
minutes prior to this picture being taken. Little sleep, dehydration, was bound to catch up to me.

My handsome man.

They decided to surprise Krystal by
grabbing her and pretending to throw her in.

We were VERY popular. I think we stood in this spot for a
full 5 minutes while people switched around taking pictures
with us.


Family picture! Can you find us all?

Chan Lee, our "Flat Stanley"

It was a really beautiful, warm day and Spencer and I loved experiencing the culture and sights with his family.


We stayed until the last minute possible, and then were literally herded out the gates. We decided to make a quick lunch stop to try some local cuisine and to rest our aching tootsies.

And then it was on to the Temple of Heaven...

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