Friday, June 28, 2013

When the Sister-In-Law Gets Old

Our last day in Yangshuo was Krystal's 18th birthday so we wanted to make sure it was a day she would never forget. Because seriously, how many people get to spend their 18th birthday in CHINA?

We started out the day with a fantastic breakfast, but Brigette and I snuck down to the restaurant early to prepare a little surprise for her...

The women at the restaurant were so excited and supportive of us celebrating her birthday, and they even offered to play the happy birthday song over the speakers when she came into the restaurant and let us use their lighter when ours didn't work. But Krystal was super excited to have and use a lighter. She never had before, silly child.

Then it was present time. I couldn't pick out of the following pictures, so enjoy the following sequence. There's never a dull moment with Krystal...

This says 18, in case you missed it.

Sniffing the breakfast...heavenly.

I'll give more details of the day in the following posts, but we made sure to fit in everything she wanted to do. We finished up the day with dinner of her choosing,

It took SIX tries to get this photo...

played some family around-the-world,

and then we headed back to the airport. She was sad to realize that she had to give up her beloved birthday lighter, so we made sure to document the moment.

And then we were off to Nanjing! But first, let's backtrack...

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  1. I love all the lighters. You guys have such an awesome family. We miss you SO much!!!!