Friday, June 28, 2013

The Big Banyan

One of the local landmarks in Yangshuo is the Banyan Tree. I'll be honest, this wasn't the most exciting stop (it's just a tree, after all) but we always have a good time no matter where we are.

Yes, that is one tree.

The Big Banyan Tree is a an ancient, huge tree that is said to have both magical and medicinal properties. It is said to have been planted somewhere between 581-618 AD and it branches out so wide that they had to plant other smaller trees underneath to support the huge arms.

After staring at the enormous tree with dropped jaws for a few minutes we explored the surrounding park and enjoyed resting there for a while.

The bathroom had toilets (rare in this area) but the facilities
were anything but clean.

This lady followed us around for almost
15 minutes trying to get us to buy something,
even though her prices were ridiculous.

Then there was this cute old lady selling flower wreaths that she had made for two whole yuan. That's a whoppin' 33 cents.

Of course I bought one, do you know me? Have to help out the local economy, right? We also supported the economy by playing with monkeys and trying sugar cane.

On our way back to the hotel we ended up stopping at the city park (partially due to Brigette and Krystal's spill) and a few people hiked up to the top of one of the nearby karsts whilst others recuperated.

Whilst. That's a fun word.

And that was it for Yangshuo. We scooted back to the hotel and then were off to the airport. Some day, if dreams really do come true, Spencer and I will go back and spend another week or so there. If you ever go to China, GO TO YANGSHUO. You will thank me later.

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