Friday, June 28, 2013

The Bowen Motorcycle Gang

No, we didn't actually ride motorcycles. I promised my dad when I was 12 that would never get on a motorcycle. We rode motor scooters instead. There's a difference, I promise.

So the one thing that you absolutely MUST do if you go to Yangshuo is rent either a bike or a scooter and just ride. Yangshuo is a small, quaint town surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. It sits where the Li and Yulong rivers intersect and there is NOTHING like riding out and just soaking up the wonder.

I didn't take any pictures of the scenery (crazy, right?) so I
borrowed this pic from a friend to show what the area
looks like

Because we were a little short on time (and, well, because we wanted to) we rented scooters instead of bikes. We ended up getting four bikes, so Spencer and I, Mom and Dad, and Brigette and Krystal shared while Bryonna was on her own. And despite some side adventures, this was my single favorite day of the entire trip.

It started out a little rocky, but we finally eventually all got the hang of it.

Shortly after Spencer and I tumbled over. Oops.

Doesn't Krystal look so excited?

Oh my freedom. I had never understood the allure of riding a motorcycle before, but I am now a believer.

Chinese lady who tried to get us to pay her to guide us.

Realizing that she didn't take us where we wanted to go...

Checking the map. The streets didn't have signs we we were
trying to go off landmarks.

Caught in a mini traffic jam

We rode and we rode and we rode. And I LOVED it.

This guy is a beast. He passed us THREE times when we stopped for
pictures or to check the map.

Now we didn't go without accident. Momma and Papa Bowen took a big spill when they were cut off by a truck, so they were pretty banged up and tender for rest of the trip.

And Brigette and Krystal took a spill of their own. Out in the country there was very little traffic (most of the time) but on our way back into the city we ended up in the busiest section of the city and had to drive through a roundabout with cars coming from five different directions. They were cut off and ended upon the ground. Luckily Krystal was mostly unscathed, but Brigette ended up with some pretty awesome cuts.

Pretty much we all ended up on the ground except for Bryonna. So kudos to her! But again, despite our bumps and spills we all loved the wind in our hair and just cruising down the open roads.

And Dad, despite my love for the wind flowing through my hair, I still promise to stay away from motorcycles.

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